#TarotVision2020: Week One

Welcome to the “woo”.

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I am big on tarot cards, crystals, and astrology.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have seen me pulling tarot cards daily as part of the #TarotVision2020 challenge created by Tamara Driessen (AKA __wolfsister).

Tamara created #TarotVision2020 with prompts corresponding to each day in April.  She recommends using the Tarot Vision Activation or meditating before pulling each card; however, I’m finding they are literally leaping from the deck or showing up for me when I least expect it.  I chose to participate in #TarotVision2020 because I wanted to connect with my own tarot deck more, to push my intuition, and to deepen the connection with myself and with the Universe/Source energy.

We’re now one week into April which means I have seven tarot cards to share with you!  I’m using the Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson.  April is my birthday month so I’ve decided to treat myself to two more decks: The Wild Unknown Animal Tarot and Work Your Light Oracle Cards.  I’m aware that I will waiting for them for a while but I’m also a firm believer in having something to look forward to in such uncertain times.

Day One: What will support me this month?

I pulled the Nine of Pentacles and – instantly – a grin crossed my face.  According to the Linestrider Tarot, the keywords for this card are: abundance, wealth, success, self-esteem, admiration, discernment, balance, and strength.  I have been doing a lot of soul-searching in regards to my life and what I wanted from it.  I had made some pretty major life choices in the days before this “challenge” started and I see the Nine of Pentacles as a confirmation that I am following my intuition down the right path.  This month, I will be focusing on getting to know myself and my own power, and I’m sure the month will flow.

Day Two:  How can I become more grounded?

I pulled the Queen of Wands and another grin crossed my face.  The first impression I got from this card is fu*k yeah, this chick is a boss and she will fu*k you up.  I also get an underlying coolness and feeling of dark magic with this crazy, powerful woman.  I get a tingle in my palms every time I hold this card – that’s how powerful she is.  According to the Linestrider Tarot, the keywords for this card are: charisma, mystery, warmth, ability, darkness, energy, capability, and magic.  This month, I will be harnessing her energy and magic to help reconnect with myself and Source energy.  I am a Taurus Sun/Scorpio Moon so my emotions tend to be fairly intense and I regularly need to ground myself in earth to keep things from getting out of control.  There will be lots of yoga and meditation to help me ground myself, along with some intense workouts to keep that fire burning.

Day Three: What drains my energy?

On this day, I pulled the Two of Pentacles reversed.  Instantly, my heart sunk because it means (to me) that something is out of balance and some internal work needs to be done to flip the card into its upright position.  Initially, I got that he’s a guy who is light on his feet and can balance multiple areas of life/things while keeping his head above water. According to the Linestrider Tarot, the keywords for this card are: balance, adaptability, prioritisation, financial and time management, and flexibility.  You can imagine what it means in the reverse.  For a while now, I have been saying that I need more help and that I want more balance in my life.  The lockdown has thrown any balance I previously had right out the window.  This card is confirmation that I am trying to do too many things on my own and I need to reach out and ask for help.  This is something I struggle with because I am stubborn and I don’t like to admit that things are hard; however, it is clear that I need to focus on the aspects of my life that are out of balance and work out a plan to correct this.

Day Four: What nourishes me?

I pulled the Four of Swords and a sense of calm, rest, and peace washed over me.  The Linestrider Tarot depicts a lion with his eyes closed and head rested on his paws.  There’s also a sword, flowers, and a snake woven throughout the card in beautiful blues and greens. The keywords for this card are: inner reflection, planning, convalescence, rest, recovery, solid foundations, solitude, self-care, and balance.  I am an introvert so I survive by having periods of rest and isolation – it’s how I recharge and plays a part in grounding my energy.  Again, the lockdown has forced us all into a period of rest, reflection, and self-care so I think this is a fairly timely card to pull.

Day Five: How can I turn up the volume to my intuition?

I pulled The Emperor for this prompt and the absolute masculine power from this card hit me in the face.  Like the Queen of Wands, this dude is powerful and a true leader.  You can see that he is a stoic and stubborn figure that is asking you to follow your mind rather than your emotions. The keywords for this card are: leadership, authority, reason, structure, discipline, masculine power, maturity, and stubbornness.  I tap into my masculine energy a lot while I’m at work; on occasion, I think I live in my masculine energy too much.  I think this card is telling me to tap into the attitude and confidence of The Emperor and to trust my intuition more.  After all, the intuition leads the way – it’s best you follow it in confidence over fear.

Day Six: What stops me from trusting?

I pulled the Knight of Cups for this prompt and I felt very…confused.  I had to put the card down and I left it for several days before it made sense.  It wasn’t until an old flame walked into my life that things started to fall into place.  He’s a great man and I do have a lot of time for him, but some things he says tend to be a tad…whimsical and extravagant.  It is easy to get caught up in what he says because he’s just that charismatic.  The key words for this card are: enthusiasm, imagination, moodiness, youth, creativity, fun, excess, sentimentality, foolishness, and impulsiveness.  In essence, that is what I feel when I talk to this man, which shows that I have to do a lot of work on myself and our relationship if things are going to work in the future.

Day Seven: What is this full moon illuminating for me?

I pulled one card and it didn’t feel quite right so I ended up pulling two cards for this prompt.  I pulled The Hermit and The World.

The Hermit brought up feels of travel, seclusion, searching, and rebirth.  This card has been drawn with a bear who I believe is looking ahead to his future journey.  April has felt like the month to look within myself and just figure stuff out.  The key words for this card are: solitude, self-awareness, study, soul-searching, patience, withdrawal, and reluctant leadership.

The World instantly made me think of success, travel, happiness, and the end.  I’ve had the feeling that the end is coming.  Not in the “end of the world” sense but a new phase of life, both for myself and the world at large.  The full moon came with not one but two acceptances into universities to complete further higher education.  Aaaaand…the key words for this card are: completion, end of a cycle, achievement, goals, travel, and success.  How’s that for intuitive?

The first week of #TarotVision2020 has been absolutely amazing.  I was talking to Tamara and both of us were marvelling at our dedication and excitement for a card draw each day.  The opportunity to participate in this has been eye-opening and full of confirmation of what my intuition has been screaming at me for weeks now.

Most importantly, it has brought me closer to myself and made me more accepting of my intuition.  That, in my eyes, is the biggest blessing to come out of this.

As Tamara has mentioned, you can use these as journal prompts if you don’t have a tarot deck or oracle cards.  You can also use crystals and look up their meaning in connection to the prompts if that’s more your thing too.  Please let me know if you choose to participate in #TarotVision2020, I would love to connect with you too.

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