Thankful Thursday #001 | Kind souls & following the pings

I’m snuggled down in my nest of blankets with a cup of coffee and a podcast playing in the background.  It’s 6:00am on a Thursday morning and I am so thankful for this life.  Yesterday, I stumbled across a quote on Pinterest that struck a chord with me.

“Remember that you once dreamed of being where you are now.”

I’m guilty of wanting more.  I think we all are.  Some of us want more money, a fancy career title, a newer car or a beach house.  Some of us want a flexible career, multiple income streams, or to travel the world.  More often than not, we are searching for some external validation that will tell us that we’re happy or that we’ve “made it” in our life or career.

The podcast I’m listening to right now is the Rise & Conquer podcast by Georgie Stevenson.  Her guest is Angela Simson from The Gratitude Project and she mentioned something she called “Thankful Thursday”.  She takes 20 minutes out of her day (every Thursday) to thank people in her life.  She’s focusing on events and people rather than physical possessions, which is something I love about her practice.  It’s grounding, helps you to appreciate the moment, and find strength and blessings in difficult moments.

And I’ve decided this is a practice I want to establish in my own life.  Right here.

Every Thursday, I will be publishing a blog post about what I am thankful for.

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Thankful Thursday’!

I am thankful for my job.  Thursday, June 20 2019 marked one year of work, coffee, and figuring out life.  I have been working with the same group of people for a whole year and for that, I am thankful.  I can remember sitting in my bedroom, a little over a year ago, and making promises with the Universe.  “I want a job on the North Shore working for 30-35 hours in criminal defense law.”  I told the Universe the exact job that I wanted and she delivered.  Like the quote said, one day I had dreamed of being where I am now.

I am thankful for my body.  I went to a circuit class on Monday morning and it pushed my body to its limits.  My arms were shaking, my legs ached, and my lungs burned for air.  My mind was begging for rest but my body kept driving me forward.  I am thankful for my body continuing to serve me, letting me carry my son (in pregnancy and now), and for showing up, even when I don’t show her the respect she deserves.

I am thankful for storytime.  Every night, my son begs for “one more book” without fail.  I love that I am nurturing his soul and his love of books by reading to him every night (and morning).  It also warms my heart that he wants to spend a little extra time with me each night.  Sometimes, I want to rush through those minutes but I am working to appreciate the bond with my son and how it fills up my cup each night.

I am thankful for kind souls.  The person who lets me cut in line in the pharmacy, thank you.  The person who lets me switch lanes in rush hour traffic, thank you.  The stranger who smiles at me on the street, thank you.  The person who compliments my cooking, thank you.  They are fleeting, forgettable moments in the day for some but they make an impact on my day.

I am thankful for the ‘pings’.  They show up as angel numbers, crystal vibrations, soul connections, and moon energy.  I have been seeing the same numbers ‘9999‘ and ‘777‘ over the last few days.  I have been grounding myself with crystal energies and feeling it flow through me, that ‘tingle’ has been something else entirely.

Writing these down recalled the warm, fuzzy feelings I got in each and every moment.  I think there’s something to be said for that.

Everyone deserves the warm, fuzzy feelings.  The moments that make you sit back and go “wow”.

Let’s have a little chitchat!  What has made you go “wow” this week?

signature, the caffeinated millennial

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #001 | Kind souls & following the pings

  1. Ah this is such a beautifully inspiring post. Couldn’t agree more about what you said about us constantly wanting more, but more of us need to step back and express gratitude for what we have. I’d say this week I’m thankful for my body too – I’m getting back into running and it feels incredible to get moving more. Loved this post! x

    Evie x |


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