Welcoming 2019

Welcome friends, to the new year.

Hold onto your big girl panties because I don’t think any of us were prepared for this.  No matter how many times we’ve mentioned ‘new year, new me’ under our breath in the last week, no one really prepared us for how we’ll be feeling today.  Nothing signals a new year like a crushing hangover, missing shoes, and the smell of stale alcohol and regret.  Am I right?

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West and Khloe Kardashian all had babies in 2018.  Justin Bieber got marriedMiley Cyrus quickly followed suit.

What will 2019 bring us?

More importantly, what do you want it to bring you?

I’ve gotten into the habit of focusing on a single word for a year.  I’ve found that my world (and myself) seems to develop more from that, rather than setting resolutions.  It’s easier to keep focused on one word rather than a tonne of goals that you make at the start of the year and then forget by mid-March.  Or is that just me?

For the last week or so, I’ve been panicking, thinking about what I want to build in 2019.  It was in that moment that my ‘word’ hit me like a tonne of bricks.

B U I L D.

I have come a long way this year.  I have done stuff that I had planned for another year in the future.  2018 was my year of ‘yes’.  It led me down a surprisingly beautiful road and I am falling in deeper in love with my life with each passing day.

I want 2019 to be the year that I build on the foundation that I laid in 2018.

I want to build on my career through hard work, networking, and study.

I want to build on the relationships with my friends and family by being more available during the weekend, and for spontaneous road trips.

I want to build on the relationship with my son by practicing patience, grace, and kindness every day.  Toddlers are quick to anger, but they’re quick to forgive.  I need to work on being able to forgive quicker.

I want to build on my experiences.  In 2018, I was concerned with making sure we had ‘enough’.  Enough food, enough furniture, enough money.  We have enough.  Now I want to make sure we have the experiences we deserve to have.

I want to build on myself.  That makes it sound like I’m a crumbling building, but for part of 2018, I was.  I forgot how to look after myself properly.  I want to build on the nutrition, fitness, self-care and overall wellness skills I have picked up over the last few months.  I enjoyed it, and, more than that, I could feel myself coming back to myself again.  I liked that.

Happy New Year, friends!  I hope it brings you everything you love, need, and deserve.

What are you focusing on in 2019?

signature, the caffeinated millennial

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